You will discover the 4 key areas you must understand to find your dream property
(and buy it for the right price)

If you've never bought a house in France before (or even if you have), there are a few things you simply must know to avoid making an expensive mistake. 

Structure & Finance

Structuring your acquisition the smart way will mean you beat the exchange rate blues, minimise local taxes and make your money work for you to the maximum.

Where & What to Buy

Discover the tips, tricks and shortcuts used by a top buyer's agent to make sure clients buy the right property in the right place at the right price.

Striking the Best Deal

stack the odds in your favour when it comes to negotiating a deal and avoid the one mistake that will always mean you pay too much.

The Right Agents

Avoid turning your dream into a nightmare by following 3 simple steps even if you don't speak French and have never bought before

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P.S.: Avoid the frustration and disappointment of viewing properties that are of no interest at all because the agent did not understand your search criteria or because the images/description were in some way misleading or did not explain that the property is right next to a noisy road, smelly farm, nuclear power station, vineyard spraying noxious chemicals etc…

The French Property Buyer's Guide

What you need to know about buying a property in France if you want to move forward with confidence AND not waste time and money on aborted viewing trips.

I decided to put this guide together to help you get your search off on the right foot. You will know how (And why) to balance your Euro assets with your Euro risks. You will know how to put the structure in place to ensure tax efficiency without attracting the attention of the army of French tax men. You will know where to look and why and when you find the property you want to buy, I give you tips and tactics to negotiate the best deal. Plus...

There are 7 Appendices...


In Appendix 1 I give you the 10 most important questions to answer before diving into your search, you'll want to define exactly what your dream home looks like, where it should be and what your budget is. Without this you will waste time daydreaming. Let's face it. If you don't have a good handle on what you want and just as importantly what you don't want, how can you find it? 


Whatever you buy, the transfer of the property from the vendor to you, the buyer, will be handled by a notaire. There is a lot of misinformation about the role of the notaire and who he is working for. This appendix clears that up in a concise and straightforward manner.


In appendix 3, I give you my list of recommended professional advisers including my mortgage broker, FOREX specialist, tax & legal advisers, French accountants, architects, surveyors, translators, insurance specialists and a rental specialist. It is good to consult these experts early on in the life of your French property project so that you have everything arranged ahead of the time when you find the house you want to buy.


Buying a house in France is a well structured procedure. It is good to know what to expect and when soss there are no surprises. I lay out the 6 steps and give you detailed advice at each stage in Appendix 4.


I give you a template offer letter and suggested conditions you should consider including once you have agreed these with the vendor


In appendix 6, i give you a list of things you need to budget for over and above the net agreed selling price.


Before you confirm your offer, it is good to know your likely annual outgoings. In appendix 7, I list the two French property taxes, give you an overview on wealth tax and French capital gains tax, give you a heads up on French inheritance law and mention the fact that if you are taking a mortgage you will need to have a life insurance policy.

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PPS: Conducting the search yourself may start out being fun. Then, it becomes a marathon. You can waste time and effort not to mention money on wild goose chases. Most of them are avoidable...

Dudley BuffaAuthor
When I began looking for a place in France, Rory had an almost immediate sense of what I wanted and quickly found several properties that met my requirements. He answered every question I could think to ask, took the time to preview properties I thought I might like to see, and best of all, did this with an unfailing energy and good humour.

7 Basic Facts

  • The market operates in its own special way. Getting to know the French property market takes time. When you make your first viewing trip you quickly find out that all is not as you had expected. It's not like the one you are used to..
  • Some Vendors still have an unrealistic idea of value. Overpriced properties are still common. Some vendors are fishing rather than being serious about a sale. This leads to unnecessary frustration and wasted time/money on your behalf.
  • Exclusive listings are rare. This can be good news and bad. Multiple listings lead to confusion. You never really know whether the price you are given is the real one.
  • Local agents have a limited reach. A local agent can only show you a limited number of properties. He certainly won’t be instructed on every property for sale in his area.
  • Customer Service is not what you are used to. French real estate agents/immobiliers may not be as responsive as you would like. Customer service is a novelty in France.
  • Wasted time equals wasted money. Finding for your ideal property in France takes time. It has to match your criteria AND have an owner with realistic price expectations. Not that easy to find together.
  • Structuring your investment is vital. Taking tax, inheritance and finance advice is important. How to structure your investment to best suit you, as soon as possible, is sensible.

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