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Classic French Dinner Party – The Easy French Way

A formal French dinner party is often assumed to be complicated and difficult to put on. However, after meeting actual French people and learning the ins and outs, I learned that it is actually a pretty simple and rewarding task. The basic dinner party ritual includes 6 parts.

First is the aperitif, which is usually a casual meeting in the home or on the patio where guests enjoy simple appetizers like peanuts or a spread with toasts. Next the guests move on to the entrée, which is a more formal appetizer dish. These first two courses can be purchased at the store and require very little prep work. These are followed by the plat principal, or the main course. This is the one part of your dinner party that you will be expected to prepare yourself and there are a litany of wonderful French recipes available online. Next, guests enjoy cheese and salad, sometimes accompanied by a French baguette. A true French dinner party wouldn’t be complete without dessert! Traditional French bakeries stock fruit tarts and delicacies that you can purchase so there is no need to prepare this course yourself. Finally, offer your guests some coffee and go stretch out in the living room. Of course, a formal French dinner party wouldn’t be complete without the wine, so make sure to stock up for the event.

As you can see, a formal French dinner party is actual quite simple to host, and nothing is better than enjoying a nice evening with friends and family.

Key Takeaways:

  • Six main parts to a French dinner party are listed
  • Descriptions of each section and recipes are readily available to the reader
  • Don’t forget the wine! A brief section on how the French view wines.

“If you’re not in France, you’re bound to have a favourite cake shop where you can get something to delight your guests.”

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