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Paris and cinema: Why the French capital is the city of the silver screen

Paris has a great relationship with cinema and it is called the city of the silver screen. Paris is not just the city of light and love, but it is also the city of cinema. The concept of cinema is deeply

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As London falls, prime Paris pulls buyers across the Channel

Paris is increasingly becoming the preferred destination for property developers and home ownership in comparison to London. The current situation in the UK with the Brexxit is doing little to make the

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Pedal power: Paris unveils new 25km/h electric Velib’ bikes

In an effort to promote cleaner transportation, Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo introduced the idea of ride sharing bikes ten years ago. The city’s fleet of two-wheeled vehicles will now come in two forms:

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Jacques Garcia on His (Re-)Renovation of Hôtel Barrière Le Fouquet’s

Le Fouquet has been known for generations as one of the go to restaurant in Paris. With the addition of the hotel next door in 2006, this allowed the rich and famous to hobnob in relative luxury this

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The best Airbnb venues in Paris

Airbnd helps tourists and locals alike. It lets people rent out their homes to those who are coming to visit, and it hooks visitors up with nice places to stay and with friendly locals who can give them

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France sees big drop in unemployment rate in boost for Macron

The unemployment rate in France has dropped since Emmanuel Macron has started focusing on the labor market. There was a massive unemployment drop recently in September. Unemployment hasn’t been

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French Catalans offer to host ‘government in exile’ as tensions rise in Spain

French Catalans are going to host “government in exile” as tensions are rising in Spain. Catalan separatists have made a huge threat for mass civil disobedience if Madrid goes through with

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Why Paris won’t be getting its fleet of ‘flying’ water taxis after all

SeaBubbles, water taxis that were meant to be used for travel up and down the Seine river in France, will likely not become a reality any time soon. The owners of the company were unable to reach an agreement

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World wine production plummets to 1960s levels

Wine production is down around the world. It is now at the rate it was in in the 1960’s. This is not good news for wine producers. What could be causing this? Are people buying less wine? Are they

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Chateau Du Rivau Loire Valley: pumpkins, roses and fairy-tales

The Chateau Du Rivau is enchantingly beautiful. It also has a rich history with connections to Joan of Arc and Cardinal Richelieu. The gardens are rich with flowers and many are designed with fairy tale

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