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How noble rot influences wine flavour – study

I recently learned a few things about the findings of a number of German scientist (relax folks) regarding how different elements, namely mold, may affect the flavor of some wines. They didn’t do this by what I consider all together scientific methods but instead more traditional ways, at least for the wine tasting community it is a tradition. The methodology I refer to is “sniffing”. I imagine if they could have figured out a way to communicate to a pack of bloodhounds which key scents they would like identified and ranked they may have done so, but being that wasn’t possible they used 10 people who trained for 6 months before the the task.
Overall it was found that 2 types of mold, specifically those by the common names of “Noble Rot” and “Grey Mold”, made quite a bit of difference to the bouquet as well as the aromas of the wines produced where they had been present.
The first sort of mold sometimes called “Noble Mold” or “Bunch Rot” was an altogether welcome guest if you’re in mode of making a fruity and flavorful white wine.
Then there was the second strain of mold, this is one to be avoided…unless of course you are TRYING to make; while not exactly unpleasant, flat, flavorless, and devoid of vanilla like tones, as the sniffers found the samples to be when infected with what many call “Grey Mold”.

Key Takeaways:

  • The fungi has been the focus of German Scientists, attempting to discover its affects on wine.
  • Erysiphe necator is a powdery mildew, also looked into by the scientists, and found to be a detriment in wine, causing a flat taste.
  • The scientists used a panel of ten highly trained sniffers, able to isolate up to ninety different aromas.

“Botrytis cinerea – also called bunch rot, grey mould and noble rot – increases the wine’s aromatic compounds, producing a more fruity, floral and toasty white wine.”

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