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Want to build a purpose-driven brand or design a story-driven marketing campaign?

Hey, I'm Rory

You're in the right place...

In 2012, I attracted 96,754 unique visitors to a website without spending a dime on Ads.

You can read more about my story here

The short version...

The website was designed to tell the story of a 5 Day Olympic sailing Qualification event that took place near Cadiz, Spain.

I had commissioned a friend to build a platform that integrated video, tracking, results, and a Twitter-like feed so that fans, family, and sponsors could follow LIVE as the races unfolded no matter where they were in the world.

They piled onto the platform on the first morning and stayed all day, chatting, watching video, and following the tracking screen.

By the end of that day, we had attracted 20,000 unique visitors.

That community grew and grew.

We had gone viral.

That was when I realized two things...

  • You really can draw folks into your world by telling a story that taps an unspoken desire.
  • Storytelling is the fastest way to create a community with common values and beliefs.

These breakthrough realizations were the start of a long journey into the world of digital marketing.

My goal was and is to help  creative solopreneurs (possibly with small teams)  develop their own purpose-driven brand and/or story-driven marketing campaign based on first principles.

So, I have designed 4 paths you may wish to tread...

One which explores why branding and marketing are cousins NOT brothers.

Another which takes you through the fundamental marketing principles are the foundations of your success.

And a third, which explores the first principles to take on board before designing a marketing strategy.

To give you a glimpse into what you may discover...

Here are 5 fundamental truths that are key to building a brand and marketing your business with integrity...

  1. The business you start has to be aligned with your principles, values, and beliefs…
  2. Consistent action is essential because building a successful business is hard.
  3. Going back to first-principles is more rewarding than following conventional thinking.
  4. Happy customers do not grow on trees... You have to create them.
  5. There are 3 essential non-negotiable skills we all need to develop and practice…

I have found that these are universal.

I continue to expand on these as I go but one thing is for sure, they help me avoid getting caught up with hacks, guru secrets and the latest new bright shiny objects.

TikTok, I'm looking at you...

I love sharing my thoughts and insights with the folks who follow me and do my best to make their journey as much fun as possible.

What now?

Treat this site as a place where you can ‘choose your own adventure'.

There’s plenty of free stuff for you to dig into.  

Seeing as you’ve read this far, I recommend you join my Story Marketing Tribe.  It’s free to register (at the moment).Story-Driven

If you'd like to sit down with a nice cup of tea and read more about the Story-Driven Digital Business Strategy I recommend you read my book here

So lots of different paths to explore in my world.

Please choose the one that appeals to you most.

Have fun...

Don't hesitate to tell me what's on your mind

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PS: If you want a deeper dive into the first principles involved in marketing with integrity, I put together this Manifesto back in 2020 which runs out at a few thousand words.

PPS: If you have ever wondered how to create a long-term business that attracts high-quality new clients month after month without having to tweak complicated sales funnels, choose this path which will give you further insights.

PPPS: In these days of App Tracking Transparency, GDPR, CCPA and first and third-party cookies, memorable messaging becomes even more important so what if the ultimate cookie is the seed you plant when you tell an engaging story.