5 Key Points of Confusion When Growing Your Coaching Business

Growing your coaching business can be tough... Do You Ever Feel Like Throwing In The Towel?

You know those moments when everything seems to be conspiring against you... Then something drops out of a clear blue sky.


All your hard work is for nought.
You feel like throwing in the towel

But you don’t.

Because you know it’s not an option for you.
You’ve never quit on anything in your whole life.

When you set out to grow a coaching business, you knew it was not going to be smooth sailing. That there were going to be bumps in the road. That anything worth having was worth fighting for.

I have had those moments… scary moments

When the world came crashing down around my ears.

Back in 2012, the Council of World Sailing voted to oust windsurfing from the Olympic Games. I was shocked. Angry. Frustrated that people who had supported us... Now didn’t.

Turning this decision round was going to be tough.

The stakes were high. This historical decision would change the world as we knew it.

They say “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”. So we did. We threw everything into our campaign.

No holds barred.
This was do or die.

5 months later the decision was reversed.
A unique moment in the world of Olympic sailing.

You have had those moments too

It may have been not landing a deal you were depending on.
Or it may have been missing a flight to a vital meeting.
It may have been just overwhelm.

But you soldiered on.

Growing your coaching business can be frustrating.

Progress can be slow.
There's a lot to learn.
None of it is simple.

Here are 5 fundamental points that cause confusion when growing a coaching business...

  1. What do your folks need to believe before they can make a buying decision?

    To find the answer, you need to climb into your prospect's mind and really understand their thought processes. Using retrograde analysis, you can move from the answer to the above question, back to their starting belief (what they believe now) giving you a series of beliefs that you can address in turn.

    The result is you will know the arguments you have to make to put your prospects into the frame of mind to buy from you. 
  2. Why doesn't your offer convert as well as you'd hoped?

    High-level clients are searching for an answer to one particular problem. They are not interested in a smorgasbord of an offer. For them, less is more.

    The solution is therefore to distill your offer to the point that nothing remains but the essentials required to solve the problem. This 'less-is-more' approach takes confidence to present but you will find potential clients see more value in the approach.
  3. Why are sales disappointing despite getting plenty of engagement?

    The reason why you are not converting that engagement into sales is that your audience probably does not know what you do, how you do it, how long it takes, and even how much your program costs.

    There's a way of writing social media posts that answers all these questions and ensures engagement too. I call it the belief-shifting post framework because it delves into the scenarios your ideal client is experiencing, tells them why and then shows them the main mileposts they have to pass on the way to solving their problem.
  4. Why spending money on Ads is wasted if you are not making $30k per month.

    Google or Facebook would be happy to take your money, of course, but until you know who your ideal client REALLY is and you know your offer converts, spending money on Ads is a waste of time.

    Focus on turning your organic traffic from a trickle into a flood, then you will have the cash flow to set aside an advertising budget and be able to drop several thousand dollars without worrying.
  5. Why don't your sales calls ever seem to work out?

    Your coach will probably say that you need to brush up on your sales technique and you might just have to... But your failure to close those sales may well be due to something much more fundamental.

    Your potential client needs to know what you do, how you do it, how long it takes for the results to appear, and even how much they will have to invest BEFORE they get on the phone with you.

    The usual excuses...

    "I have to talk to my partner before I can make a decision."
    "I cannot afford to invest that much, right now."
    "Or I'm not sure. I need to think about it."

    All these excuses are just polite ways of saying that they do not believe that you can get them the result you promise. 

    This takes us back to where we started with the question... What do your folks need to believe before they can make a buying decision?

    Answer that, and your sales calls will be transformed.

5 fundamental points are challenging 

These 5 fundamental points of confusion challenge many coaches/consultants striving to grow their companies, so you are not alone.  They just happen to be 5 of the key steps I cover in my 60-day Digital Business Strategy Workshop

These form the basis of the strategy that I use to attract high-level clients consistently and achieve a 5-figure monthly income part-time (25 - 30 hours a week).

This is an intense 60 Day workshop requiring you to devote both time and energy every single day. We jump on weekly Zoom calls and in between, you have daily access to me on Messenger or WhatsApp (You choose) so you can get your questions answered and not have to wait to run new ideas past me.

You get detailed feedback from me at every stage and in particular on as many posts as you wish to write for my review.

Note: The writing piece is a key piece of this program and involves you writing as many belief-shifting posts as you can over about half of the program. Practice makes perfect. The more you write, the more you will get out of this. You’ll be amazed at how many nits I pick out of your copy to ensure that you are precise in your wording yet natural with your language.

To benefit from this offer, the investment is a high 4 figure number which is a ridiculous steal given how many programs out there charge higher fees for coaching on methods that you may have already proven to your own satisfaction do not work.

The next step

If what you’ve read sounds right up your street, the next step is to either ping me on Messenger.

I have a pretty good idea of the profile of the person who gets the best results from this program, so if you are a good fit you can get started almost straight away.

Thank you for reading thus far.

Post Script: Let me be clear… This does not work for folks without a high ticket offer.

That presupposes you are an expert coach who has at least 5 years standing and probably more who loves to share their expertise and experience but knows they have to level up their ability to write belief shifting posts that communicate your value.

You have to be ready to zig when everyone else is zagging. Someone who has attained mastery over many years of deliberate practice.


You don't need another secret tactic or hack that promises much but delivers little -- You need a clear people-focused digital marketing strategy which gives you the mindset and vision you need to succeed. Let's get started.


I chose to work with Rory for his great personality, clarity and expertise. Still, I got way more than I expected. He coached me through a deep marketing process and my outcome was way beyond what I had expected. It had to do a lot with Rory's strong focus and his ability to understand me and my customers. Rory became a good friend that I will always come back to when I need advice about online marketing and how to build better customer relationships.

Paal Christian Buntz - The Wildman Programme

What I like working with Rory, is his excellent sense for what is important, step by step. He gives me the structure to do the work I need to do, he is giving excellent feedback and at the same time he honors, that in the end I have to decide how the content of my campaign should look like. He is an excellent sparring - partner and a pragmatic coach, who always points to the simple but effective solutions.

Daniela Bomatter

Rory is an extremely patient and very expert. He is helping me with my sales funnel and I am learning so much from him. He has a way of keeping things simple and profound. I would highly recommend him!

Chengi Tobun - Black Swan Management Group

Boomer Digital is unique because it breaks mindsets that tell us in an older generation that " normal " for me is time to finish . But I am loaded with ideas and inspiration. Boomer Digital is a coach of my generation roaring to me to finish the race with glory not rust out before the starting gun fires.

Just yesterday I became positively irritated about starting out a business. The only available resources were outside my dreams and interests. Here if I don't find the resources I need I see something close enough.

Alan Bowman

As a presentation professional, part of my core proposition is that I take a client’s idea and transform it into a compelling story and presentation. This is exactly what Rory did for my marketing messaging. He understood immediately what I wanted to communicate. Rory has a wide breadth of knowledge in all aspects of online marketing. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.

Jan Pochop - Founder/CEO, Pochop Presentations

I strongly recommend Rory as a strategy and marketing coach for his candid and skilful approach. He’s currently helping me to set up my business and I am finally making good progress with it. Methodology is clear and straightforward and every conversation with Rory represents a major step forward in my journey as he helps me focus, make informed decisions, and move closer to my goal.

Valeria Rosignoli - VR Coaching

Rory has a great marketing insight, offers constructive feedback and also helps you better understand your customer so you can more effectively speak to them. His approach helps you focus on what's important and not get caught up in the unnecessary details so you can get your product launched quickly.

Amber Briggs

Rory is a great marketer and coach. He’s really helped me refine my marketing message so it resonates with my target market in a powerful way.

Myrna E Arroyo

Rory is a savvy marketer who can help you build your digital funnel. What a lot of people underestimate in marketing is establishing the basis. If you don't know what you stand for and who you're talking to, your marketing is a shot in the dark. Rory can help you fix this problem and get you going with clarity.

Hannes Kuehn

Rory is currently helping build my Life Coaching business, and that includes identifying a target market that I connect with, learning how to speak their language, creating products and services catered to my target market, and creating a minimal viable funnel that will help me market.

My journey with Rory has been really great. He understands me and what I want to deliver, he is a great mentor by seeing the answers within me, and works with me to bring those answers out. If you are feeling stuck in terms of marketing yourself or product/service, Rory is the go to man!

Lana Maher

I have been learning the art of marketing with Rory for a couple months now. I have been impressed with how deeply he knows his subject and his ability to make it understandable.

Aman Berry
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