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Humans Have a Visceral Need to Belong
We need to feel accepted and valued. We need to feel understood. Acknowledged. It’s in our DNA. Your success is based on your ability to create and nurture a community. The community is your brand. The community is where your customers will germinate. The community is where they start their journey to explore your world. So how do you build a community?
Every Blockbuster Movie Ever Made Has This 5 Piece Story Structure
When you analyse them, you'll find this 5 piece story structure in every blockbuster movie ever made in Hollywood. It is tried and tested in the world of fiction too. That does not mean that you cannot use it when you tell stories to connect with your audience... You can. Find out how now
Psychology of Persuasion: Belief Shifting Stories
There are 2 persuasion technique you can use. One works but is temporary. The other also works but lasts indefinitely. Before we can do this, we should take a deep dive into what we're really doing here when it comes to the psychology of persuasion. Our goal is to awaken 'possibility' in others. If they don't believe that they can really do it, nothing we do or say really matters. Until they believe — deep inside — that they can create real value for an audience...
Your Marketing is The Connection Volume Control
Making Connections allows us to turn the 'volume dial' for our business. Once you understand how, you have the superpower required to create stability, predictability, and (if you want it), growth on demand. To begin developing this superpower, there are three things to understand about Connection.
What’s The Difference Between Branding And Worldbuilding
Brands need to be attached to products. Worlds are brands live. They give context and invite the audience to explore many different paths. There, they discover characters and backstories and inside jokes — and your WHY. Your world is where the stories you tell take place. It’s an ecosystem in which your audience feels at ease. It’s where they can explore and find their own path.
What’s The Difference Between Branding And Marketing
Branding and Marketing are not the same thing. In order to determine what your brand stands for, you need to ask yourself 5 questions... Branding is about building emotional bridges so that your people can Connect with you on a deeper level and eventually become Super Fans of your product.
The Secret to Being Able to Deliver Value
Delivering value to your prospects is the most IMPORTANT thing you do. So how can you do it in a systematic and logical way? ‘Spray and pray’ is the most popular strategy. That is - Just post something, anything, as long as you are consistent...
Private Relay Block Tracking Pixels in Apple Mail
Private Relay Block Tracking Pixels in Apple Mail just made knowing how well our email campaigns are doing even harder. And they just made creating Facebook audiences from our subscriber’s list harder too. This is yet another brick in the privacy wall Apple is building...
World Building Beats Branding
World building beats branding Branding is about strategy and vision. Marketing is about tactics and goals. Imagine building an immersive experience, a world, in which your branding and your marketing takes place. Before you can tell a story, you describe the world in which that story is set.
Revenue from Facebook Ads Will be More Than Halved
What if Mark Zuckerberg is right in saying that revenue from Facebook Ads will be more than halved thanks to App Tracking Transparency and the digital privacy war started by Apple? The digital world we live in is in the midst of a major disruption but in our heart-of-hearts, we know that digital privacy is a good thing, if not for us, then certainly for our peeps who are fed up with intrusive Ads being shoved in their faces.
Stories keep us safe
Stories keep us safe... They allow us to try on new ideas without having to commit to them first. They allow us to explore them and find out whether they are a good fit. Given we agree with the premise of the story, we absorb it into our belief system and in so doing expand our boundaries. Imagine being able to do this in a systematic way.
5 Fundamental Points of Confusion When Moving Your Business Online
Do You Ever Feel Like Throwing In The Towel? You know those moments when everything seems to be conspiring against you... When something drops out of a clear blue sky. BOOM. All your hard work is for nought. You feel like throwing in the towel. But you don’t. Because you know it’s not an option for you. You’ve never quit on anything in your whole life. When you set out to move your business online, you realise that it is not going to be all smooth sailing. That there will be bumps in the road. That anything worth having is worth fighting for.
Not Attracting The New Clients You Want?
Not attracting the new clients you want? It’s not your marketing. It’s your product. That is - no matter how good your marketing is, you will only get modest results if your product/ service is not tuned to your ideal prospect’s needs and desires. If you have a great product - one that is well positioned - you don’t have to be good at marketing. Just tell the people you built it for what it does for them and they will be queuing at your door cash in hand.
The Coach Client Relationship
I’m NOT interested in taking your money.... The coach client relationship is a 2 way street. I was talking to a guy yesterday who said this... “I'm a member of other marketing groups and there’s lots of strategy people around that say they can deliver. But I'm not paying thousands of dollars on blind trust to find out. “. That makes a lot of sense to me.
Humans Think in Stories…
"Humans think in stories rather than in facts, numbers or equations, and the simpler the story, the better." That's from the lips of Yuval Noah Harari. And it's why storytelling is so powerful. By telling a story you are able to deliver your message in the way that your readers will find easy to assimilate and engage with. That makes sense, doesn't it? The question I find myself answering most often is... How do I tell stories in a simple way?
On Being a Chef Marketer
How would you like those… Fried or boiled? That’s the sort of question you might get asked in a simple cafe when you’ve popped out for a quick bite to eat. You don’t have great expectations as to what will eventually appear on a plate in front of you but it might just be edible. It was the last time you ate there… and it wasn’t expensive.
Stacking best in class marketing practices
Stacking one best practice on top of another does not produce a best in class marketing system. Far from it in fact. The results we achieve are often underwhelming. Yet we are encouraged to do this by expert marketers every single day...
6 Steps To Telling a Powerful Brand Story
A brand story is your company’s backstory and explains your big WHY. The reason you started on the quest you did and what drives you to do better everyday. Crafting a compelling brand story will help your ideal client identify with you and feel aligned with your beliefs and values. It is the mirror to your hero's story. Together, they show you! care. Make you memorable. And ultimately, build the connection needed to start a conversation.
Here’s why your marketing isn’t working…
Do you have a website? ​If so you probably spent a ton on time designing and building it. ​​Then you launched it. And nothing happened. No visitors to speak of No flood of new clients either. The fact is, Google and Facebook don't exist to send people to your site for FREE. ​You have to pay to attract new visitors. ​​Either in time (content marketing) or money (paid ads).
The 9 Step Unique Unfair Advantage Process
The 9 Step Unique Unfair Advantage Process is a force field that protects from you from the competition. Companies have one. Products do too. It’s baked into their DNA so not necessarily visible to anyone else. Google has its algorithm. You can’t see it but it is certainly the force field that has kept them protected from their competition. It’s the super power behind their successIt’s their unique unfair advantage
How to Grow Your Online Coaching Business
To grow your online coaching business, you have to develop a system to attract clients almost on autopilot. When you started your coaching business. You got a few clients by networking. You hoped that you would be busier. Now, you realise that something's missing but you're not sure what. And the kicker is... You’re not being paid what you're worth. You’re pretty much taking any new client you can just to keep the home fires burning.