Build a world, Deepen The Experience

When you build a world, you deepen the experience for your audience... By creating an immersive multi-sensory ecosystem for them to explore.

Interesting content isn't enough. Value-driven content isn't enough. Insight-driven content isn't enough.

They all entertain do not provide a deeper experience for your audience... Without context. This, you create by building a fictional world into which you invite your reader to enter.

There, they discover characters and backstories and inside jokes - and your WHY.

Your world is where the stories you tell take place

It’s an ecosystem in which your audience feels at ease and where they can explore and find their own path. The landscape - and the tone - will reflect your major themes and preoccupations as well as the values you stand for.

In this ecosystem, your audience discovers familiar ideas expressed in a new way. A way that is different and makes them feel more comfortable.

A way that debunks conventional thinking. Thinking that repels them although they may not have fully realized why... Either because they've trained themselves not to notice. Or because they believe there is no alternative

Building a world for your audience allows them to explore different paths. They are not pushed down a one-way street as they would be in a sales funnel. This is an experience in which they are free to pick their own route. 

There are two types of businesses 

Competition-driven and story-driven.

The first focuses on beating the competition. Being the most successful and the biggest. 

The second takes no interest in the competition. It focuses on serving its audience... And helping them to achieve the goals they have set. 

Story-driven businesses are based on values and beliefs. These principles are important to them and are, in fact, red lines that are never crossed. 

They give context to everything

They are the foundation on which every business decision is built and are the reason why your business works in the way it does... Create the gravity in your world.

This gravity attracts and holds people who feel aligned. And at the same time, it sets you apart from the conventional world where your people feel like outsiders.

When a new person arrives in your world, they naturally want to look around. Get to know the place a bit. Take their time to settle in and feel comfortable.

And you should give them every opportunity to find their own path... From watching the LIVES on your Youtube Channel. To checking out the posts on your blog. And engaging with the emails you send them.

The world you construct with all these different touchpoints is a lot different to the one your folks are used to

Where they feel uncomfortable giving up their email address in exchange for an ‘ethical bribe’ (lead magnet) because they expect to be pressured into buying some ‘trip-wire’ product - or booking a ‘clarity call’...

It’s not a world they are happy living in because they feel they are being used there. They are not alone. The trouble is that they don’t know any other way - so they dislike marketing and sales.

Let’s be clear…

You should create two worlds

The first is the outer world for your prospects. The second is the inner world for your clients/customers.

This contains courses, books, and consulting offers for those who say they want to hear about them.

So an outer world is an ecosystem in which your folks can get to know you. Where they start to feel comfortable. And eventually, be at ease to buy from you. 

And the inner world is where they can continue the conversation with you after becoming a client... Where they can extend their journey deeper into your ecosystem.

Your folks immigrated because they felt uncomfortable in their old world.

Your world contains thoughts and ideas with which your folks feel aligned. They want to be there because it feels like home and because the culture makes them feel good.

It is different from the conventional world. This difference helps to build community. It's the glue that holds your world together.

The people who want to live there think and talk about things in a different way. They have a different point of view. 

Your world is made up of three concepts

  • Gravity - This is based on beliefs, values, and principles that pull folks towards a common vision.
  • Politics - Driven by a common enemy you stand against. 
  • Culture - Expressed by what is most meaningful and important to your audience.

To identify the people, who you want to attract to your world, ask yourself these 5 questions…

  • What’s important to them?
  • How can you infuse your personality into your world in ways that pull the right people toward you
  • Who are the people you don’t want as customers?
  • How can you engineer insights and create 'Easter Eggs' for folks to discover? ...Then build a ‘sense of wonder’ that tugs at their emotions?
  • In what ways can you engage meaningfully with your audience (email, video, in-person, etc.)?

Here is the 5 step process required to structure your world

  • # 1 Divide a sheet of paper into 3 columns with the titles Gravity, Politics & Culture.
  • # 2 Gravity: List 3-5 values that guide your business decision-making. Put those in the Gravity column.
  • # 3 Politics: Answer the following questions for the Politics column.
    • Which are the dominant businesses in your market?
    • Who are the most well-known personalities?
    • What are their most common marketing methods?
  • # 4 Culture: Answer the following questions for your Culture column:
    • List the significant problems you can help your audience solve.
    • What are the meaningful desires you can help your audience achieve?
    • What emotions are driving your audience’s decisions?
  • # 5 Refine and Expand these lists over time. Ask questions. Solicit feedback. And listen with care to the answers.

Your world provides the context and the backstory for everything you create.

It is the fundamental reason your business is the way it is.
It is the foundation on which everything you do is based.

Be intentional about the world you build. Doing so puts your content in context and provides a deeper experience to your readers.

It gives them insights that were not there before.
Those spark ideas that move their business forward.
You become the go-to authority in your market.

A virtuous circle ensues…

Greater engagement equals higher open rates... and ultimately new clients showing up on your doorstep unannounced.