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 60 Day Business Starter Workshop

The 60 Day Business Starter Workshop is for wannabe online business owners who want to build a strong foundation for their business based on fundamental marketing principles that will take them from €0pm to their first 5 figure month.

In this demanding group coaching programme involving bi-weekly group calls with me, you will receive detailed assignments and feedback for everything, unlimited private access.

30 day story driven workshop

The 30 Day Story Driven Workshop is for solopreneurs and those with small teams who want to grow their business by attracting better quality prospects and converting them to be clients without increasing their workload.

In this intensive one to one coaching programme you will receive  detailed assignments and guidelines for everything and have unlimited access over Messenger in between calls

World Building

Building a world for your prospects to explore at will, allows them to pick their own path and travel at their own speed.

Nurturing your audience in this way; gives them the space to find out about you and what makes you tick.

Trust them to connect with you when they are ready. Trust in yourself to be there when they do. Find out more about world-building...