Invitation to join the
Digital Business Strategy Workshop
with Rory

Join me in the Digital Business Strategy Workshop, if you are a coach, consultant, or expert service provider who is making 5k per month or more from their business and want to achieve two things...

1) To earn a lot more (20k ++ ) by attracting 4+ new clients every month to their high-ticket program (costing 3k+).

2) To spend less time earning that money (25 hours/week or less as a solopreneur) by reducing or eliminating the time spent on sales calls and/or pursuing potential clients on Messenger.

This program is a 120-day group workshop with me.

I work with you on the following things with you:

  1. Optimising your positioning is the secret to maximise the value you deliver to your ideal client and leveraging your time and effort to maximum effect.
  2. Dialling in your understanding of who your ideal client REALLY is and equally who it's not. Do this and you acquire a real competitive advantage and a licence to grow your business almost without limit. (So many 'established business stall here for lack of a true grip on this.
  3. Clarifying your offer so you can charge at least $5K for it as well as making it more efficient so you decrease the amount of time you spend with each client as well as helping you write short offer invitation posts like this one to help potential clients grasp what your program is about, what's included in it and whether it's for them or not.
  4.  Helping you to write value-driven content (like the ones you've probably read elsewhere on my Newsfeed) that does a better job of targeting high-ticket buyers and filtering out the freebie-seekers...

    While proving to readers you have a real method for solving the challenges they're dealing with - and elegantly pitch your program at the same time.
  5. Putting a simple sales process in place to qualify and enrol the right clients with a very short conversation either on Messenger or on a short call.

    (This is unlike any other you may have tried and is so simple that it typically takes a few minutes for you to understand!)

Points 3 & 4 together are the motor that attracts a steady stream of Messenger inquiries about your program, as well as pre-answering 90-95% of the questions, doubts, and objections that you'd normally spend a lot of time answering in sales conversations.

Here's what's included in the program…

In the Digital Business Strategy Workshop, you have weekly group calls with me, detailed assignments and guidelines for everything, and unlimited private access to me in Messenger in between calls.

You receive detailed feedback from me at every stage and in particular on as many posts as you wish to write for my review. (This piece comprises about half of the program.)

My goal is to ensure every client has personalized notes that help them write better posts going forward and feel confident that they can spot omissions in their draft copy so their messaging REALLY does attract the right leads and clients.

In order to be a good candidate to reach $20K/month quickly with my process, you need to be:

  1. Clear on who you serve best and where to find them.
  2.  A good writer who wants to share their expertise and experience.
  3. Good at closing leads when you do get them

The investment

To benefit from this offer, the investment is $7.5k  which is a ridiculous steal, given how many programs out there charge multiple five-figure fees for coaching on methods that do not work for as long or as well as these.

Note: The specified investment is waived if you have introduced 12 new members to the Story Marketing Tribe BEFORE this program begins

The next steps…

I'm accepting new clients into the program right now, so if you're interested, the next step is to send me a DM and let me know...

We'll have a quick chat to see where you stand with respect to the qualifications mentioned above, and if we both feel it's a good fit, we can get started as soon as next week.

To make our chat more efficient, please include the following information in your initial message:

-> Your expertise
-> Amount of experience as a coach/expert
-> 2-3 client result examples
-> Your current package(s) and price(s)
-> Your current and desired earnings, and
-> What you're most hoping to gain from working with me.

I'm super excited to connect with you and have the blessing of learning about you and your work.

PS: Sometimes I make an exception, if you currently don't have a high-ticket offer but think you could have and you meet the other requirements mentioned at the beginning of this offer, DM me anyway.

PPS: Check out my book, the Story-Driven Digital Business Strategy, on Amazon