"The righter you do the wrong things,
the wronger you become."

When it comes to fundamental marketing, that quote by Dr. Russell Ackoff is a truth that is hard to deny.

But before we get into talking about that in more detail, think about how other people's marketing makes you feel.

And then ask yourself whether you want to make your audience feel the same way?

Your answer should be the North star that guides every marketing decision you ever make...

Are you happy to offer a supposedly free download in exchange for somebody's email address?

The fact is that such downloads are never free. 

There is an exchange of value.
You provide value in exchange for their email address.

Superficially that sounds OK.

The trouble most people provide an infinitesimal amount of value.

They throw together one and a half pages of double-spaced information which only deals with the matter at hand on the most superficial level possible.

I was so tired of feeling cheated like this that I have long given up being drawn in by such tired old marketing tactics which are well past their sell-by date.

They no longer work as they once did.

The righter you do the wrong things, the wronger you become.

80% of creative entrepreneurs be they coaches, consultants, B2B experts, or authors who want to attract clients or make sales. online know no other way of doing things.

They are told by guru marketers that they must create a lead magnet, build a landing page, include a clickbait headline and some copy, run Ads and then optimize the heck out of the whole process to achieve the maximum number of opt-ins.

Trouble is... Lead magnets only attract opportunity seekers.

High-level clients don't grow on trees.
You create them over a period of time.

So if your goal is to attract high ticket clients, you have to find a better way.

Go back to "fundamental thinking".
Decide on the #1 goal for your business.
Then devise a simple strategy that achieves that...

Fundamental marketing is the obvious solution.

The result is that you only accept conventional marketing ideas when they have been thoroughly examined and proven to serve your REAL goal.

For me...

The #1 goal for my business is to create happy customers who want to do business with me because their values are aligned with mine.

I have zero interest in growing a mammoth list of email addresses few of whom will open my emails. I would far rather have a tiny list of people who love what I write about, open every email they receive, and buy what I have to offer when they are ready to.

This is about quality NOT quantity.

It's about marketing WITH my audience not AT them.
It's about serving first and receiving later.

This brings us back to my first question...

Do you want to treat your audience as you would like to be treated?

If your answer is YES...

I want to treat my connections with respect.
I want to serve my audience to the best of my ability.
And I want to create a fundamental marketing process that delights all who come in contact with it.

Then you're in the right place.

Let's dig a little deeper and look at the 5 fundamental truths your business depends on...

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