Humans Think in Stories.
 The Simpler The Story, The Better

"Humans think in stories rather than in facts, numbers or equations, and the simpler the story, the better." That's from the lips of Yuval Noah Harari

And it's why storytelling is so powerful.

By telling a story you are able to deliver your message in a way that your readers will find easy to assimilate and engage with.

That makes sense, doesn't it?

The question I find myself answering most often is...

How do I tell stories in a simple way?

Here is a framework for coaches and consultants to use…

#1: Set up - The life your hero is living now.

It's important to set the scene so the audience understands why your hero goes on his journey and allows them to get to know them a bit. Is the hero likable? What is it that makes them unhappy? Setting the scene like this gives your story context. 

#2: Rising action - An example of how the challenge they face manifests itself and their search for a solution.

Your hero is challenged. The question is whether they will accept it. Maybe they do and then have second thoughts. Once they cross the starting line they meet a mentor. Someone who guides them through the trials and tribulations to come.

#3: Climax - The discovery of the real problem, and how they overcome it step-by-step (your unique method)

This is when your ideal customer recognizes that you are an expert.  It happens when you diagnose the real problem and they understand they are just expressing a symptom.
This gives you an opportunity to lay out the milestones they must pass on the way to reaching their goal. 

#4: Falling action - The impact this discovery has on their life (results) and how long it takes.

Now you have laid out the solution in 3 to 5 simple steps, it's time to give an example of someone who has been down this road and how passing these milestones changed their life. 
This could be the story of a past client. Be as specific as you can. Don't just say they were successful. Say they went from earning only $3K monthly to $15k for instance.

#5: Resolution - The lessons learned including who the solution is best suited for.

Finally, you have to be clear about who this method works best for. For instance, this 5 step framework is one that I designed for lifestyle coaches and consultants in particular although it can be adapted to work for other B2B experts who have a high-value offer or could have ( say 3k++ for 60/90 days of 121 support ) which they have sold before and want to use organic marketing to attract high level leads without spending a dime on Ads.

They have to love sharing their expertise by writing illuminating posts that amplify their folks' understanding of how to overcome the challenge they face and take actions that will move them towards their goal and are really good writers already.

Indeed, their clients ( at least some of them ) have achieved good results from the method you use - and now they want to attract at least 1-2 clients per week for that offer from their organic marketing efforts.

It's for people who are tired of pain-driven selling on long discovery calls and want to drastically free up their time by having their social media posts do 95% of the selling so they can either reduce the time spent on their calls or eliminate calls altogether and just sell via chat/messenger.

Practice makes perfect

This is not rocket science but you have to be ready to practice the craft of writing and do so every day until it starts to flow from you. Operative word practice.

Once you've nailed this framework, you can use it to attract high-level clients consistently and take your income to $15k monthly or more part-time (25 - 30 hours a week).

In fact, it is the exact same one I riff on each and every day I post so I can vouch for it big time. It's also the one I teach in my 30-Day Story-Driven Workshop which is pretty intensive. You get detailed feedback from me at every stage and in particular on as many posts as you wish to write for my review.

Note: The writing piece comprises about half of the program. The more you write, the more you will get out of this.

You’ll be amazed at how many nits I pick out of your copy to ensure that you are precise in your wording yet natural with your language.

To benefit from this offer, the investment is $5000,  which is a ridiculous steal considering you have access to me 1 to 1 daily on Messenger and weekly for one hour on Zoom... And given how many programs out there charge far higher fees for coaching on methods that you may have already proven to your own satisfaction do not work. 

The next steps

If what you’ve read sounds right up your street, the next step is to ping me on Messenger. 

I have a pretty good idea of the profile of the person who gets the best results from this program, so if you are a good fit you can get started almost straight away.

Note: This is not for people willing to take shortcuts, use hacks, or short-term tactics. 

You have to be a leader. Someone who is happy to zig when everyone else is zagging.

And you have to have the right mindset.

Someone who loves to serve their people. Share their expertise and experience. Someone who loves to write stories that deliver deeper understanding.

You have to be an expert service provider.
Someone who has attained mastery over many years of deliberate practice.

You have to accept that you are already a storyteller.
Someone who just needs to understand how to apply this skill to their business so they can build an emotional bridge with their people.

If this sounds like you, ping me on Messenger to take the next step.

Thank you for reading thus far. I look forward to chatting with you on Messenger.

Post Script:

Each step can be one or two short sentences or several paras. It depends on how much time you have. The shorter the story, the longer it takes… As Blaise Pascal said… 

“I didn't have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.”


You don't need another secret tactic or hack that promises much but delivers little -- You need a clear people-focused digital marketing strategy which gives you the mindset and vision you need to succeed. Let's get started.


Boomer Digital is unique because it breaks mindsets that tell us in an older generation that " normal " for me is time to finish . But I am loaded with ideas and inspiration. Boomer Digital is a coach of my generation roaring to me to finish the race with glory not rust out before the starting gun fires.

Just yesterday I became positively irritated about starting out a business. The only available resources were outside my dreams and interests. Here if I don't find the resources I need I see something close enough.

Alan Bowman

I have been learning the art of marketing with Rory for a couple months now. I have been impressed with how deeply he knows his subject and his ability to make it understandable.

Aman Berry

Rory is an extremely patient and very expert. He is helping me with my sales funnel and I am learning so much from him. He has a way of keeping things simple and profound. I would highly recommend him!

Chengi Tobun - Black Swan Management Group

What I like working with Rory, is his excellent sense for what is important, step by step. He gives me the structure to do the work I need to do, he is giving excellent feedback and at the same time he honors, that in the end I have to decide how the content of my campaign should look like. He is an excellent sparring - partner and a pragmatic coach, who always points to the simple but effective solutions.

Daniela Bomatter

Rory has a great marketing insight, offers constructive feedback and also helps you better understand your customer so you can more effectively speak to them. His approach helps you focus on what's important and not get caught up in the unnecessary details so you can get your product launched quickly.

Amber Briggs

As a presentation professional, part of my core proposition is that I take a client’s idea and transform it into a compelling story and presentation. This is exactly what Rory did for my marketing messaging. He understood immediately what I wanted to communicate. Rory has a wide breadth of knowledge in all aspects of online marketing. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.

Jan Pochop - Founder/CEO, Pochop Presentations

Rory is a great marketer and coach. He’s really helped me refine my marketing message so it resonates with my target market in a powerful way.

Myrna E Arroyo

Rory is a savvy marketer who can help you build your digital funnel. What a lot of people underestimate in marketing is establishing the basis. If you don't know what you stand for and who you're talking to, your marketing is a shot in the dark. Rory can help you fix this problem and get you going with clarity.

Hannes Kuehn

I chose to work with Rory for his great personality, clarity and expertise. Still, I got way more than I expected. He coached me through a deep marketing process and my outcome was way beyond what I had expected. It had to do a lot with Rory's strong focus and his ability to understand me and my customers. Rory became a good friend that I will always come back to when I need advice about online marketing and how to build better customer relationships.

Paal Christian Buntz - The Wildman Programme

Rory is currently helping build my Life Coaching business, and that includes identifying a target market that I connect with, learning how to speak their language, creating products and services catered to my target market, and creating a minimal viable funnel that will help me market.

My journey with Rory has been really great. He understands me and what I want to deliver, he is a great mentor by seeing the answers within me, and works with me to bring those answers out. If you are feeling stuck in terms of marketing yourself or product/service, Rory is the go to man!

Lana Maher

I strongly recommend Rory as a strategy and marketing coach for his candid and skilful approach. He’s currently helping me to set up my business and I am finally making good progress with it. Methodology is clear and straightforward and every conversation with Rory represents a major step forward in my journey as he helps me focus, make informed decisions, and move closer to my goal.

Valeria Rosignoli - VR Coaching
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