Attracting Customers Can be Hard - Great Marketing Won't fix that

Attracting customers can be hard. One thing is for sure... No amount of great marketing is going to fix that. The problem is far more profound and a great deal more important.

No matter how brilliant your marketing is, you will only get modest results if your product/service is not tuned to your ideal prospect’s needs and desires... And they don't see the value in your offer.

The truth is that with a great product/service - well-positioned - you don’t have to be good at marketing. Just tell the people you built it for what it does for them and they will be queuing at your door cash in hand.

Spend time laying the foundations of your business

Whether you’re just starting your B2B expert business, or you’ve been working on it for a couple of years, getting the basics right is essential.

Get clear on who your ideal customer is.
Define the challenge they face every day.

Talk about how the latter and how it impacts their lives using the words they would use, and you tell a powerful story. Tell that story and you create demand...

But there’s more to it than that...

Steve Jobs knew that the analog mobile phone market was seriously competitive. Nokia was the biggest player. Everybody loved their phones. They could make calls, and send text messages. They fitted into the palm of your hand and looked great…

How could you compete against such a successful product,
It did everything its customers wanted it to do.

Tough market to break into.
Yet Apple did it.

And Nokia went out of business.

Your customers only know what they want when they see it

They are not experts.
They don’t know the possibilities.

You do.

So it’s your job to give them not only what they need as Nokia did but also what they desire as the iPhone did.

The internet in your pocket.
Together with a world of Apps.


But it was the debut of the touchscreen that changed everything.

There had been smartphones before, but they had physical keyboards and a much smaller screen. There had never been anything like an iPhone before.

It was unique.

Thing is, we are all in ultra-competitive markets packed with sophisticated consumers whether we be coaches, consultants, or expert service providers.

Question is… Have you created the iPhone of your market?

If you have, attracting customers will not require brilliant marketing.

By doing something innovative, you raise the bar in your industry.  No one else is doing it but everyone wants it. Steve Jobs took two and a half years to put an iPod in a mobile phone and change the industry forever.

It will take you time and thought but most of all, the ability to listen...

To your potential customers.
To what your competitors are saying.

Or rather... Not saying.

Then, it will take the confidence and belief to build it when everyone else is telling you to quit.

Attracting customers can be hard. To give yourself a fighting chance you must have a brilliant product and the vision to build a world around it that your audience will love.

The iPhone is probably not the best smartphone (now).
It is not the most advanced smartphone.
Yet it offers a unique experience...

Access to a world no other smartphone maker can offer. Apple has built a world packed with Apps, where their privacy is protected and they can feel safe.

That’s what Apple is really selling

World-building is something we spend time figuring out together in my 90-Day World-Building Intensive.

We position your business. Define your ideal prospect. Create your irresistible offer
Develop your communications strategy plan. And finally, draw a detailed map of the world you will build.

And we take the time to do all of this in granular detail so it’s clear in your own head... This ensures your message is clear about the value you offer to your ideal prospect.

It’s a long journey that we take together.

90 days of weekly calls make it intensive. You have to really commit to doing the necessary work... Detailed assignments from each call. It only works for people prepared to buckle up and do the work. No excuses.

You have to love to write. You have to have achieved true mastery of your field, have loads of experience, and be someone who is happy to show up as they truly are, warts and all... And have a sharing mindset where you are ready to serve your audience long before money changes hands.

It’s a remarkably reasonable investment

This offer is $5000 cash which is insane when you realize how much one-on-one time we spend together and the personal access you get to me on Messenger in between calls... Not to mention the fact that the right candidate will be well on the way to 5 figure months after 90 days.

This is not your typical online cookie-cutter coaching program. I’m in it for the long term. To serve you to the best of my ability.

I only take on a few clients at any one time
You’ll be joining a small and select group.

This is not for everybody, by any means.

In order to be a good candidate to reach $20K/month quickly with my process, you need to be:

  • Clear on who you serve best and where to find them.
  • A good writer who wants to share their expertise and experience.
  • Good at closing leads when you do get them.

It's also someone who has 5-10 years of experience helping people in their area of expertise, with some great client results, and feels pretty settled at the moment about what type of client they want to help and what they want to help them with.

I'm accepting new clients into the program right now, and if you're interested, the next step is to send me a DM and let me know that you're interested

We'll have a quick chat to see where you stand with respect to the qualifications mentioned above, and if we both feel it's a good fit, we can get started as soon as today.

If I can’t help, I’ll tell you, and point you in the best direction. I don’t have all the answers. And what I do have here definitely isn’t for everyone, or even for many.

What I have here is for those few, who choose to cross the start line and take the journey and the bumps and bruises that go with it when you play full-on…

DM me for more, if you’re interested.


You don't need another secret tactic or hack that promises much but delivers little -- You need a clear people-focused digital marketing strategy which gives you the mindset and vision you need to succeed. Let's get started.


Boomer Digital is unique because it breaks mindsets that tell us in an older generation that " normal " for me is time to finish . But I am loaded with ideas and inspiration. Boomer Digital is a coach of my generation roaring to me to finish the race with glory not rust out before the starting gun fires.

Just yesterday I became positively irritated about starting out a business. The only available resources were outside my dreams and interests. Here if I don't find the resources I need I see something close enough.

Alan Bowman

I have been learning the art of marketing with Rory for a couple months now. I have been impressed with how deeply he knows his subject and his ability to make it understandable.

Aman Berry

Rory is a great marketer and coach. He’s really helped me refine my marketing message so it resonates with my target market in a powerful way.

Myrna E Arroyo

Rory is a savvy marketer who can help you build your digital funnel. What a lot of people underestimate in marketing is establishing the basis. If you don't know what you stand for and who you're talking to, your marketing is a shot in the dark. Rory can help you fix this problem and get you going with clarity.

Hannes Kuehn

What I like working with Rory, is his excellent sense for what is important, step by step. He gives me the structure to do the work I need to do, he is giving excellent feedback and at the same time he honors, that in the end I have to decide how the content of my campaign should look like. He is an excellent sparring - partner and a pragmatic coach, who always points to the simple but effective solutions.

Daniela Bomatter

As a presentation professional, part of my core proposition is that I take a client’s idea and transform it into a compelling story and presentation. This is exactly what Rory did for my marketing messaging. He understood immediately what I wanted to communicate. Rory has a wide breadth of knowledge in all aspects of online marketing. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.

Jan Pochop - Founder/CEO, Pochop Presentations

Rory is currently helping build my Life Coaching business, and that includes identifying a target market that I connect with, learning how to speak their language, creating products and services catered to my target market, and creating a minimal viable funnel that will help me market.

My journey with Rory has been really great. He understands me and what I want to deliver, he is a great mentor by seeing the answers within me, and works with me to bring those answers out. If you are feeling stuck in terms of marketing yourself or product/service, Rory is the go to man!

Lana Maher

Rory has a great marketing insight, offers constructive feedback and also helps you better understand your customer so you can more effectively speak to them. His approach helps you focus on what's important and not get caught up in the unnecessary details so you can get your product launched quickly.

Amber Briggs

I chose to work with Rory for his great personality, clarity and expertise. Still, I got way more than I expected. He coached me through a deep marketing process and my outcome was way beyond what I had expected. It had to do a lot with Rory's strong focus and his ability to understand me and my customers. Rory became a good friend that I will always come back to when I need advice about online marketing and how to build better customer relationships.

Paal Christian Buntz - The Wildman Programme

I strongly recommend Rory as a strategy and marketing coach for his candid and skilful approach. He’s currently helping me to set up my business and I am finally making good progress with it. Methodology is clear and straightforward and every conversation with Rory represents a major step forward in my journey as he helps me focus, make informed decisions, and move closer to my goal.

Valeria Rosignoli - VR Coaching

Rory is an extremely patient and very expert. He is helping me with my sales funnel and I am learning so much from him. He has a way of keeping things simple and profound. I would highly recommend him!

Chengi Tobun - Black Swan Management Group
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