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There is no better way to pay it forward than to make your own videos on a daily basis. This cheat sheet will give you the tips, tactics and equipment you need (apart from your smart phone)  Get the Do's and Don'ts of making great  videos now...


Knowing who your ideal client is on a deep emotional level is key to creating a message that resonates in your market. Here is 3 step system that helps you read your hero's mind. Get this right and set yourself up for success...


Positioning is the key to marketing success. When you enter a competitive arena, it is wise to bring a gun to a knife fight. Your gun is  your Unique Unfair Advantage. It is what everyone must have but few take the time to define...

The irresistible offer

Are you targeting a commercially viable market but failing to make enough sales. It's because you've either failed to nail one of the 3 key steps you need to implement before getting to your offer or because your offer itself is not exciting enough to get your prospects over the buy-line. In this short primer, I show you how to solve your problem...

Website audit

You’ve spent an age designing and building your website but somehow it’s not performing as you expected.  Websites have to earn their keep not just sit there looking pretty. They have to deliver business. Let me audit your site and put my finger on where you could optimise it so that it becomes an asset rather than a liability.

Story inception method

Read the book that lays out the comprehensive strategy to build a long term business in the era of digital privacy when Facebook's algorithm has been deprecated and legislation requires us to be transparent and honest in our marketing.

Learn to play the long game and attract high quality clients who come to you because your values are aligned with theirs.