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Ever wondered how to create a long term digital business that attracts high quality new clients month after month without having to tweak a complicated sales funnel? My answer to these questions is not for everyone. In fact, it's not for most people, but, unless I’m mistaken, you're a little weird just like me. You get the importance of zigging when everyone else is zagging.


This manifesto dives into first principles. It was originally a 5 day email series which I have edited and merged into one document. In it I unpack why first principles are so important to the success of a Long Term Business and why conventional thinking may be holding you back...


Stories convey emotion and suck people in. Stories make boring facts memorable. They can change someone’s worldview in an instant. The Significant Object Study bought 200 objects for $129 on eBay. They were later sold there each with a story attached, for close to $8000. That’s more than a 6200% uplift.
-- Stories mean business...

The era of digital  privacy

Client attraction in the era of digital privacy is getting tougher. App Tracking Transparency has made R.O.A.S on Facebook Ads even harder. Apple's Mail Privacy Protection makes it harder to understand the effectiveness of your email campaigns. GDPR & CCPA regulate privacy in the European Union and California.

How are you going to survive?

Story Marketing  Tribe

The Tribe is designed to help Expert Service Providers strengthen the foundations of their businesses using fundamental marketing principles while positioning yourself for success, developing your storytelling craft & learning how to attract 5 high ticket clients per month without advertising.

Story inception method

Read the book that lays out the comprehensive strategy to build a long term business in the era of digital privacy when Facebook's algorithm has been deprecated and legislation requires us to be transparent and honest in our marketing.

Learn to play the long game and attract high quality clients who come to you because your values are aligned with theirs.