Invitation to join the

Story Marketing Tribe

Hosted by Rory Ramsden

The Story Marketing Tribe is for B2B Experts who are ready to take action and grow their businesses without having to work harder or longer. 

The Tribe is designed to help you strengthen the foundations of your business using fundamental marketing principles while...

  • Positioning you for success, 
  • Developing your storytelling craft 
  • Learning how to attract 5 high ticket clients per month without spending a dime on advertising.

This is a good fit for solopreneurs, who realize success is built on going back to first principles and applying an ethical approach whilst investing in their own marketing skills.

Imagine being able to …

  • Hang out online with fellow B2B Experts just and help each other grow together.
  • Know if you ever get stuck there’s a Tribe of experts ready to help you whenever you need it (without having to pay for a consultant).
  • Know the things (that you didn’t know you needed to know), so you can grow your business WAY faster than if you were paddling your own canoe.
  • And know you’ve found THE place, where you know people who are finally going to help you to reach your goals.

You wouldn’t think such a place existed…

But it does and SO many B2B Experts are set to take advantage of every single bit and make BIG changes in their businesses too...

Here’s what you get when you join the Tribe…

  • 2hrs per month on a LIVE Start The Week Zoom call to help you leverage every working hour to max out your productivity.  

    This weekly guided goal-setting event is designed to keep you on track and focused on what matters (avoiding shiny object syndrome).
  • 4hrs per month spent in the Co-Working Workshop with your fellow B2B Experts supporting each other and overcoming each other’s challenges.

    This weekly Open Mic session is all about breaking down barriers and taking our results to the next level… together.
  • 2 hours per month of Fundamental Marketing LIVE video training delivered in bite-sized chunks in which Rory tackles one subject set by you the members. an archive of past Zoom pieces of training to refer to.

    NOTE: The best part is that all these sessions are Open Mic so you can chip in when you like, seek more detailed feedback and join in the conversation.

    As they say, two heads are better than one so you’re gonna get the benefit of so sooooo much experienced support and expertise.


  • One monthly Expert Interview in which I talk to a different guest expert on a very specific subject.

    Tell us what you want to know more about and we’ll go find an expert to talk to.
  • Plus Cohorts like the Belief Shifting Stories Cohort

    You can access these at your leisure and improve your understanding of how to write belief-shifting posts, offer posts, and many other styles to keep your Newsfeed looking interesting and dynamic.
  • Paid Workshops in which you can access one-to-one coaching on such things as your Digital Business Strategy or how to write Story-Driven Content (Others planned). 

    Beginning in 2023, we’re introducing a monthly guided LIVE Content Planning Workshop for all those who have completed one or more workshops. Come along and map out your content with other B2B Experts.
  • All new paid members get a FREE copy of Rory’s book the Story Driven Digital Business Strategy.

You also get…

  • A way to distill clarity from confusion and gain confidence, direction and purpose… Not to mention build a network of invaluable connections and friends.
  • A place to be included, involved, heard, responded to, supported, cared about, respected, considered, helped when needed and to give back to others.
  • Your own crew of Expert Service Providers to offer their knowledge, feedback, advice and support, who LOVE to help, and who also don’t want to be alone in the small business world.
  • An ever-growing resource of questions and answers, at your fingertips, that you can search through and find inspiration and feedback on.
  • Member perks and bonuses! Tribe members get the first look into new things, opportunities to join BETA testing programs, sneak peeks and special bonuses for joining other Tribe programmes and more!
  • Real friendships. Honestly, the amount of real life, genuine friendships that form in the Tribe is ASTONISHING. Co-working together creates more than just accountability buddies, we hang out and chat in real life. It’s the BEST!


  • Discounts on access to Workshops when you join our Ambassador Programme and refer new members.
  • Paid work, clients or customers! If you join in the conversations and offer support, you’re quite likely to get clients or customers. Tribe members are encouraged to buy from other Tribe Members.
  • The best bang-for-your-buck you’re ever going to find online. I’m not even a little bit biased here. For what you get, for the level of support, for the amount of knowledge, for the level of touch points you get… There’s nothing even close to comparable price-wise out there.
  • Access to the Tribe on the Mighty Networks Mobile App so, no matter where you are, you can still drop in, get answers to your questions and support others too...
  • And remember this is nothing like a Facebook Group, you get your own unbiased News Feed based on the Topics  you follow and the Open Mic sessions you RSVP to. There is no algorithm. There are no Ads

    You can DM other Tribe members and set up your own special interest Crews without having to refer to a moderator. Your posts and questions actually get seen (Assign each one to a Topic to make sure of that).

The Tribe IS for you if...

The Story Marketing Tribe is for you if you are an B2B expert who is ready to work for results, take action and kick ass.

You want a long term solution to business growth, not a ‘Make 6 figures in 6 weeks’ or some other kind of (über) unrealistic BS.

You are willing to give back as much as you’re willing to take out. 

The Tribe works well because everyone is willing to help each other as much as they’re willing to accept help #community

You are going to use the Tribe. I know it sounds silly because why wouldn’t you use it if you’re paying for it… well, you’d be surprised. 

I don’t want you paying for something you aren’t using.

I want everyone who joins to be watching videos, asking questions, joining in challenges (when time allows), helping out others and joining in the conversation.

That’s how results happen.

That said...

You must be an expert in your field (ideally years or decades), and already have a pretty clear idea of what problem you solve and who you enjoy helping the most.

You must love writing and sharing your thoughts about the topics you’re an expert in and be a committed action taker who is determined to show up and execute day by day.

The Tribe is NOT for you if…

You expect sales and growth to magically appear out of thin air without doing the work.

You don’t understand the value of investing in your business...  And don't know that doing so is a sure way of making your business grow and thrive through ‘Black Swan’ events like the Pandemic... Giving you control over your income because you put the work in too.

And you aren’t willing to give it a solid crack.

Results take time and effort, especially if you need help reversing past mistakes or if you’re starting fresh. If you’re hoping to achieve huge changes in 1 month of membership, the Tribe is not for you.

Your mind is closed to new ideas and you are not willing to be guided, even by your peers.  

Tribe members love sharing their thoughts, suggestions, ideas, tips and strategies... But unless you take them on board, acknowledge that there’s room for change, and know that making mistakes is the surest way of getting closer to what works... The Tribe not for you.

You are negative, bitchy, gossipy, judgmental, suspicious, secretive, harsh, if you discriminate or intimidate - The Tribe is not for you.

We are proud to host a safe space where members feel comfortable to freely discuss personal  and business issues that can be sensitive.

Their privacy will be respected no matter what...

The investment

You may already invest in Mailchimp, Clickfunnels, and Xero (and likely an abundance of other business tools), but there is often a chasm between having them and making them earn their keep. 

All because you struggle to make your marketing work.

The Story Marketing Tribe is the one place that will help you GROW your email list with engaged subscribers, attract quality new customers, and keep you focused on what matters. 

Without a solid fundamental marketing strategy and the ability to connect with the RIGHT people, those other tools will just cost you money… and sit gathering digital dust.

The Story Marketing Tribe is what every expert service provider and business owner needs.

You pay €50 per month which is an insane steal considering how much training, inspiration and support you get each and every day (knowing that some Facebook Group owners charge €100 for just three days training!)

The next steps...

If the Tribe sounds like your cup of tea, then click this link and become a member now. 

NOTE: This offer is for the first 100 founder members of the Tribe only.