What is Branding in Marketing?

Many B2B Experts I speak to ask me these questions... Is branding marketing? or even ... What is branding in marketing?

Branding for many is an afterthought (at best).

Yet it's probably THE most important part of your effort to raise awareness, grab attention and deliver your message to your audience.

Branding is the way you put across the heart and soul of your business.

It's about your WHY.

Your ethics, values, beliefs and principles as they apply to what you do.

The easiest way of illustrating what I mean is to take an example...


They understand their audience and how to innovate. 
They listen and are responsive.

Elon Musk knows the power of stories and realizes that quality beats quantity, especially in the development phase of a business.

They have disrupted the automotive industry.
They are the market leader when it comes to EVs.

Tesla is a stunning case study for the approach any B2B expert should take.

First, position yourself in your chosen market...

...To achieve maximum leverage then focus on building an emotional bridge with your audience while innovating intelligently to make sure your customers have the best experience available.

Follow this script and you give yourself the best chance of creating a super successful business that stands the best chance of withstanding the ever-increasing number of black swan events (the pandemic & the war in Ukraine are just two) showing up in our world.

Purpose-driven branding does this. 
People identify with the product or service.

They want to be seen using it.

They want their friends and colleagues to know they have one.


Because it tells a story.

And by owning one, they add that story to the story they tell about themselves.

It becomes part of them.

Storytelling is crucial when it comes to building a successful purpose-driven brand.

Once you have defined the story you want to tell, it becomes the golden thread that runs through all the marketing and advertising you do.

Marketing is about raising awareness and making sales.

Some examples of Marketing…

SEO / Content Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Paid Traffic
Email MarketingTelevision / Radio
Print Campaigns

Branding is about making emotional connections.

In the following 5 pages, I take a deep dive into branding, storytelling and how to integrate both into your business.

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